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For Kids!

Welcome Kids!

Did you know the Portland International Jetport has a Playport?!  Located by Gate 2, PWM is very excited to offer a safe place for kids and their parents to play and learn while waiting for their flight.  Here's a video about the Playport at the Maine Mall.


Planning for Your Child's First Trip on an Airplane?  

10 Books for Kids Taking a First Flight

10 Tips for Traveling with a Baby in the Airport


Unaccompanied Minor Travel

Is your child traveling alone to visit a friend / relative?  Select your airline below for more info:

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines

JetBlue Airways

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines


Airport Tours for Schools and Kids' Groups

If you're interested in scheduling a tour of the Portland International Jetport for your class, scout troop or other kids' group, please call (207) 874-8877 or email [email protected]


Do you know all the cities you can fly to non-stop from the Portland Jetport? 



How to make the coolest paper airplanes!

Paper airplanes have been around as long as, well, airplanes and paper. But the links below will show you how to make awesome, out of the ordinary paper airplanes that will impress your friends!

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Real ID


Maine ID's will be accepted until October 10, 2018.