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Noise Abatement Program

Noise Abatement Program

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Next Noise Advisory Commitee Meeting: Thu, 10/26/2017 @ 6pm

Noise Abatement Program

For your convenience, there are two ways to report a noise event:

* Leave a Voice Mail Message on the Noise Hotline: 207-370-0242

* Send an Email Message by completing the Noise Complaint Form.  Both are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Want to know the current wind speed and direction? Call the Automated Service Observing System (ASOS) line at 207-874-7914.

Want to know the current runway in use? Call the automated ATIS information line at 207-775-1039.

Click HERE to learn more about aviation METAR reports.

Working With Our Neighbors

The Portland International Jetport recognizes that neighborhoods surrounding PWM are affected by noise from aircraft operations. The Noise Advisory Committee (NAC) provides an official forum for collaborative discussion of airport noise issues and other related matters. Local jurisdictions and the City of Portland appoint the 12-member committee to represent residential and business concerns. The NAC was organized in 1988 as an official City of Portland advisory committee on aircraft noise issues.

The NAC members review noise abatement projects, provide input for the implementation of the current Portland International Jetport Noise Compatibility Plan, develop ideas and recommend proposals for consideration in future airport noise plans, participate on advisory committees involved in long-range airport facilities and capital improvement planning, and promote citizen understanding of airport noise issues.

Noise Control at the Jetport - A Brief History

In June of 1988, the City of Portland initiated a federally funded noise study for the Jetport and the nearby community. As a result, noise exposure maps (NEMs) were completed and submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in November 1989. The FAA accepted them in March 1990 and the Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) was approved in September 1990. Seventeen of the eighteen operational recommendations contained in the NCP were approved, and the remaining one was partially approved.

Although most of the recommendations were implemented, circumstances have changed since then, including the number of flights and the types of aircraftoperating here. Because of these changes and the length of time since our last noise study, the airport noise advisory committee requested that we update our noise study.  The FAR PART 150 update was completed in March 2006. 

Fly Quiet Program

This voluntary program is designed to encourage aircraft operators to use "fly quiet" flight patterns and procedures that reduce noise in the communities surrounding Portland International Jetport. The airport's Noise Office is a timely resource for in-depth analysis and credible data about flight operations and noise monitoring reports. The Noise Office responds to residents' reports of specific noise events and investigates them to determine deviations from adopted Fly Quiet flight patterns and procedures.

Noise Advisory Committee Meeting Archive

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Real ID


Maine ID's will be accepted until October 10, 2018.