Working at the Jetport

Employee Information

Security Badges

  • Security Badges (known as SIDA badges) are administered and managed by the Airport Security Coordinator through the Communications Center (Com Center).
  • The Com Center is located on the second floor, by the Gate Concourse Exit and is staffed 24/7/365.
  • Employees seeking security badges must complete the SIDA badge application and obtain the employer’s designee’s signature.
  • Applicants must then submit to a digital electronic fingerprint-based Criminal History Records Check (CHRC).  Appointments for fingerprint collection may be made by contacting the Com Center.
  • After CHRC clearance (which may take 5-7 business days), applicants must pass SIDA Interactive Employee Training in order to receive a SIDA badge. This training is available 24/7 at the Com Center.
  • Badge applications are void after 30 business days from date of fingerprint collection.
  • SIDA badges are valid for one year and must be returned to the Com Center upon expiration, transfer, termination or when the badge holder no longer requires access.

Download PWM SIDA Badge Application HERE                *Download Adobe PDF

Contact the Communications Center for more information regarding SIDA badge processing.

Driver Training Manual

 click HERE for 2013 Driver Training Manual


Employee Parking

  • Employee parking areas are managed by Standard Parking Corporation.
  • New employees must report to Standard Parking’s administrative office (located at the vehicle exit plaza) during normal business hours to request an Employee Parking Pass.
  • The employee must show proof of employment, complete a Customer Info Sheet and pay a $30 deposit that is refundable upon return of the pass.
  • The Pass is valid for the duration of employment and must be returned to Standard Parking upon transfer, termination, or when the employee no longer requires access.
Contact Senior Manager Mike Collins for more information on employee parking.

Ramp Passes

  • Vehicle Identification Media are used for ground vehicles operating on the airfield including tugs, fuel trucks, belt loaders, maintenance vehicles, and Air Rescue vehicles.
  • Companies with operational need for vehicles on the airfield must report to the Com Center to request a Permanent Ramp Pass.
  • The Ramp Pass is valid until the vehicle is out of service or no longer needed on the ramp.
Contact the Communications Center for more information about Ramp Passes.